Top 10 Free Online Bingo Apps

Top 10 Free Online Bingo Apps

Whether you’re on your iPad, your phone, or your laptop, bingo can be right at your fingertips. But with so many free bingo options to choose from, it can be a pain sifting through the worthless options to find the truly fun online bingo games and bingo apps out there — and there are tons of great bingo games!

If you want to see our suggestions, check out our list of the top 10 best free bingo games and free bingo apps below. But first, it’s just as important to know which bingo games to avoid! A quick Google search for “free bingo” brings up sites like (a very misleading site), a bingo game at (really, really boring), and Bingo Luau at (requires Java, which is antiquated, and isn’t completely safe for your computer) as the top three results.

Don’t trust Google’s results! We’ve got the list of the top ways to play bingo online right here!

Top 10 Best Free Bingo Games and Apps


#1 — Bingo!

Bingo!, by Shark Party, who brought you our top-rated slots app, makes an equally awesome app for bingo. The app allows you to play multiple cards in various rooms with fun themes. You generally play versus around 70 other players. Bingo! is slick, easy to use, and fun. It does everything right and very little wrong compared to other free bingo apps. The game is currently only available on iOS.

#2 — Mr. Bingo Ball

The Mr. Bingo Ball app is available on Facebook and Android, and with a 5-star rating after nearly 20,000 reviews, this game has solidified its place atop the bingo-games pile. The game is fast and addictive. The faster you play, the more you can win. Bingo balls are shot at you, and if you have them on your card, you can approve them. It’s an inventive version of bingo, and a lot of fun to play against friends!

#3 — Slingo

Zynga offers a bingo app that also shows up on our list, but the company’s Slingo game edges it out. Slingo is a wildly popular hybrid of slots and bingo. Slingo is only available on Facebook, so that’s a limiting factor, and a major reason this game doesn’t rank more highly (portability is a big deal for a casual game). However, slingo is a ton of fun, in line with Zynga’s expertise in the casual-gaming arena.

#4 — Bingo Rush

Bingo Rush is a fast-paced, single-player bingo app available on in Apple’s iTunes app store. (The developer, Buffalo Studios, has a different version of the game for Android users called Bingo Blitz.) In this game, you must try to get bingos as many ways as possible before time runs out. You can use power-ups along the way to increase your odds, and you can add more bingo cards to increase the difficulty. It’s a bit hard to switch between cards, but otherwise this app is a slam dunk for intense bingo play!

#5 — Bingo Run

Bingo Run is a simpler, more traditional version of our No. 1 rated bingo game, Bingo! by Shark Party. It has many of the same mechanics, but it is available on both iOS and Android. While it doesn’t seem quite as flashy as Bingo!, that may be part of the appeal for those who like the mechanics but want a simplified version to play.

#6 — Bingo Blitz

Bingo Blitz is another game by the maker of Bingo Rush, Buffalo Studios. This version has been around a bit longer than Rush, and thus has more widespread availability, including Facebook, iOS, and Android. Also, unlike Rush, this version is multiplayer. As with normal bingo, you’re vying against other bingo players to snag a bingo before the round’s max number of bingos are awarded. It’s simple, fun, and addicting!

#7 — Zynga Bingo

Zynga’s bingo game is available on Facebook. This game can be a bit cluttered, but all of the space is important, and used well. Playing multiple cards is a snap, and the power-ups are simple and easy to use. It’s also a small note, but having the “number of bingos left” countdown pings go up in pitch

#8 — Bingo Bash

Bingo Bash is one of the highest-rated bingo apps on Facebook, in the iTunes app store, and on Android platforms. The game play is actually very similar to our No. 1 rated bingo game, Bingo! by Shark Party. You can play multiple cards, you unlock experience for every daub, and you collect coins and power-ups that can be redeemed even if you don’t get a bingo. The game is a bit simpler and feels a bit more traditional than Bingo!, so while very similar, it appeals to a different crowd. Try both and pick your favorite!

#9 — Super Bingo HD

Super Bingo HD is available on Facebook only. It is extremely easy to use, and it’s entirely multiplayer, meaning you’re in a race against the other players to get bingos first (unlike some of the games listed here, which play as solitaire). The game uses many of the mechanics that are standard to the casual-gaming bingo market, including daub-based power-ups.

#10 — Bingo Heaven

Bingo Heaven available on all major platforms: Facebook, iOS, and Android. This game works best on Facebook. The mobile app versions are a bit slow, can be buggy, and aren’t as easy to use.None of those issues arise on Facebook. Bingo Heaven is a single-player bingo app in which you’re trying to get a bingo before you run out of balls.This bingo game is perfect if you want to play solo, as instead of trying to beat other players.

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  1. I would like to download bingo run. But it says it is not available in the US. I have downloaded to my cell. So why not to my iPad?

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